Hotel excellence starts with happy guests :)

Aplauso empowers hotels and resorts with the ability to gain profound insights into their operations, unlocking valuable data on customer experiences and service excellence.
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Reinventing hotels with real-time data insights

A dynamic hotel rating and digital tipping platform designed to boost guest satisfaction, inspire employee motivation, and skyrocket approval ratings.

Monitor guest happiness in real-time

No matter the size of your property, from 20 to 2000 rooms, Aplauso provides real-time monitoring of guest satisfaction, enabling you to prioritize and engage with guests exactly when it matters most.

Act on instant alerts

We understand that sometimes things don't go as planned. Aplauso's service thresholds alert you the instant an issue arises, enabling swift intervention to resolve matters promptly.

Manage teams with ease

Often, the unsung heroes of an organization are found in the most unexpected places. With just a few clicks, you can filter, export, and delve deep into employee data to uncover these hidden gems.

Complete end-to-end coverage

Our platform encompasses every facet of hotel operations, fostering a consistent and profound insight into the trends and preferences of both guests and employees.

Reward employees with more tips

As we move towards a cashless society, carrying physical money is becoming increasingly rare. A recent survey revealed that 95% of people without cash would tip if given a digital option. With Aplauso, that possibility becomes a reality.

Our people

We’re an extension of your customer service team, and all of our resources are free. Chat to our friendly team 24/7 when you need help.

Real-time ratings to serve and delight guests

Powerful, beautiful and convenient digital insights for your hotel or resort to help understand, and enhance, the guest experience.

Data collection. Everywhere

More than just a checkout survey, hoteliers can now capture guest satisfaction data across the entire property, at every moment of the stay.

Beautiful technology

Our sleek touchpoint kiosks not only encourage guest interaction but also elevate engagement, all while seamlessly blending with your property's elegant ambiance.
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Powered by the room key

Guests can conveniently and securely swipe their room key or tap their wristband to submit ratings directly to their account, ensuring a seamless experience.

Happy guests. Happy team

Understanding guest satisfaction empowers management to pinpoint and address problem areas, steering efforts towards crafting the ultimate guest experience.

Digital tipping to reward and motivate staff

Powerful, beautiful and convenient digital tips for your hotel or resort to help reward, engage, and retain more top employees.

Seamless integration

Woven seamlessly into the essence of your hotel, our tipping system becomes a natural extension of the guest experience, enriching every stay.

Tochpoint kiosks

Our stylish touchpoint kiosks inspire guest interaction and amplify engagement, all while harmoniously integrating with your hotel's atmosphere.
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Room charge

Guests effortlessly use their room as the digital key to their account, conveniently settling tips at checkout.

Happy team. Happy guests

Tipping, as an act of gratitude, motivates employees to work harder and go the extra mile, leading to a significantly improved overall experience for guests.
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Analytics to power smart management decisions

Measure drill down to what matters Aplauso’s easy-to-use IQ Dashboard. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.
Filter, export, and drilldown on the data quickly
Identify sales opportunities to maximize in-house revenue
Prevent issues from escalating by proactively by attending to guests

Frequently asked questions

Everything hotels and resorts need to know about Aplauso.
How does it work?
Aplauso allows guests to leave ratings and tips by scanning on their phone or using touch screen kiosks. This provides a convenient and secure way for guests to express their satisfaction and support the hotel staff.
What are the benefits?
With Aplauso, hotel managers gain valuable business insights by knowing which guests are happy and might be interested in purchasing extras or memberships. They can also identify areas that need additional attention and provide targeted training to their employees.
Is there a free trial available?
Our friendly team will work with you to get you up and running as soon as possible with no obligation on your part.
Can I change my plan later?
Of course. Our platform scales with your hotel. We can even onboard one department and then expand to cover the entire operation at a later date.
Can Aplauso eliminate negative online reviews?
Aplauso can absolutely help with this! By addressing issues as they happen and knowing exactly how happy guests are, Aplauso helps hotels improve their online ratings and reputation. It's a proactive approach to guest satisfaction that results in higher occupancy and room rates.

Built with the world's best, fastest & most reliable cloud technologies

Thanks to the flexibility afforded by the use of a container-based infrastructure, proactive load management by our Engineering team, and the use of a best-in-class cloud provider in Google Cloud Platform, we are able to offer an SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.
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Every Guest Interaction Matters

Guests experience every inch of your hotel, and each of these interactions holds valuable insights that can propel service excellence to new heights.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Guests can acknowledge the cleanliness and comfort of their accommodations, motivating staff and informing management of maintenance needs.

Recreation & Leisure Services

Gather feedback on guest satisfaction with leisure facilities, helping tailor experiences and recognize outstanding service.

Food & Beverage

Enables real-time feedback and gratuities, enhancing guest dining experiences and providing valuable insights for culinary and service improvements.

Concierge and Guest Services

A direct channel for guests to commend concierge efforts, offering insights into preferences and enhancing personalized guest services.

Front Desk, Valet, Bell Service

Immediate guest feedback at check-in and check-out can drive service excellence, recognize staff performance, and streamline operations.

Meetings and Events

Facilitates immediate feedback on events, enabling organizers to adjust in real-time and recognize the contributions of staff to the success of each event.
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