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Transform every stay into a memorable experience with real-time feedback and digital tipping. Aplauso empowers your staff to deliver unparalleled service, ensuring guests leave with a lasting impression. Discover how we redefine hospitality.


Make every event extraordinary with Aplauso’s innovative feedback and gratuity solutions. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, ensure your team excels and guests are captivated. Learn more about taking your events to the next level.


Revolutionize your retail experience with Aplauso, where every transaction is an opportunity for connection. Elevate customer loyalty and staff performance, turning shoppers into advocates. Discover how to bring retail magic to life.


Enhance your resort's allure with Aplauso, where luxury meets convenience through seamless guest interactions. Elevate satisfaction and staff motivation with every touchpoint, crafting unforgettable getaways. Explore the Aplauso difference.


Serve up excellence with Aplauso, where every dish comes with a side of satisfaction. Our platform boosts your team's morale and garners rave reviews, setting the stage for culinary success. Delve into the recipe for superior service.


Amplify the thrill of entertainment with Aplauso, ensuring every performance earns a standing ovation. Our platform captures the applause in real-time, motivating your team and delighting audiences. Uncover the secret to unforgettable shows.

Digital Tips: Reward & Motivate Your Team

Welcome to the ease of digital tipping, where every tap is a thank you, and every smile gets bigger. Aplauso's Digital Tips feature lets guests effortlessly show their appreciation, making your team feel valued and motivated.

This simple, cashless gesture means the world to staff and enhances guest experiences by fostering a happy, appreciative atmosphere. It's about creating a positive vibe that flows through your entire operation, lifting spirits and satisfaction all around.

Dive into digital tipping with us. It's easy for guests, awesome for staff, and brilliant for your business's vibe. Let's make every service moment a reason to smile!
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Ratings: The Secret Sauce to Success

The power to instantly know when guests need a little extra attention or are primed for an upsell. That's exactly what our instant ratings feature delivers. It’s like having a sixth sense for guest service, allowing you to swoop in and elevate the experience at just the right moment - when it matters!

Always in the loop

Aplauso's ratings are the secret weapon for service excellence. They give management the opportunity to turn every customer story into a standout experience. Whether it's addressing a concern before it becomes a bigger issue or identifying happy guests ready to enhance their experience.

Critical feedback

This feature also shines a spotlight on your team's performance. Management can easily track which staff members are receiving rave reviews and who might need a bit more guidance. It’s about celebrating successes, encouraging growth, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Unlock the Potential of Your People

With Aplauso, service based businesses can increase employee earning, improve management effectiveness, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our platform brings omnipresent rating and tipping to the properties, resulting in higher online ratings, increased guest satisfaction, and ultimately, improved sales.

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Increase Employee Earning Potential

Aplauso empowers employees to earn more through our innovative rating and tipping system.

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Improve Management Effectiveness

Our platform streamlines operations and provides valuable insights to help managers make informed decisions.

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Enhance Guest Satisfaction

By enabling guests to rate and tip conveniently, we ensure a memorable and satisfying experience.


Seamlessly integrate Aplauso with your operations

Aplauso is designed to seamlessly integrate with your organization, providing a comprehensive solution that impacts both your staff and guests. With Aplauso, you can enhance employee earning, improve management effectiveness, boost online ratings, increase guest satisfaction, and drive sales.

Empower your staff and delight your guests

Aplauso empowers your staff by enabling omnipresent rating and tipping, giving them the opportunity to earn more and feel more valued. At the same time, it delights your guests by providing a seamless and rewarding experience.

Boost your performance and reputation

With Aplauso, you can boost your company's performance and reputation by leveraging the power of ratings and tips to drive guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Maximize your revenue and online presence

By integrating Aplauso into your operations, you can maximize your revenue and online presence through improved ratings, reviews, and guest recommendations.

Aplauso has revolutionized the way we operate our hotel. The rating and tipping system has significantly increased employee earning and guest satisfaction.
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Jane Smith

General Manager, PDC Hotel

Discover the Power of Aplauso

Increase employee earning, management effectiveness, online ratings, guest satisfaction, and sales.

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Discover the accolades and achievements that make Aplauso stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our platform to better understand its benefits.

How does it work?

Our platform allows hotels and resorts to implement omnipresent rating and tipping systems, which in turn increases employee earning, management effectiveness, online ratings, guest satisfaction, and sales.

What are the benefits?

By using our platform, hotels and resorts can improve employee earning potential, enhance management efficiency, boost online ratings, increase guest satisfaction, and drive sales growth.

Is it easy to implement?

Yes, our platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to implement. We provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the setup process.

What if I need help?

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. We are committed to ensuring your success with our platform.

Can I customize it?

Absolutely! Our platform offers various customization options to align with your brand and meet your specific requirements.

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